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Don’t Overlook These 5 Key Details When Property Shopping

Hunting for your next home? Be aware of these 5 key details when shopping to avoid costly problems.

modern bathroom with a stand-alone shower, bathtub, and white sink

What to Expect in Rent-to-Own Terms

Are you interested in securing your dream home by renting-to-own, but not sure what to expect? Read on to find out everything you need to know about rent-to-own terms.

man standing in front of a miter saw

Should You Buy an Existing Home or Choose New Construction?

Are you wondering whether to buy an existing property or a newly constructed home? Discover the pros and cons of each option in this complete guide.

a neighborhood in the mountains

Looking Ahead: What Do Record Low Mortgage Rates Mean for the Housing Market?

Mortgage rates are at record lows – and they're expected to stay there. Find out what this could mean for the housing market moving ahead.

a family enjoying time together in their living room

How to Set Your Home-Buying Budget

Getting ready to buy a new home? Set yourself up for success with our guide to creating a home-buying budget.

man moving boxes

The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing

Are you wondering whether it's time to downsize your home? Discover everything you need to know in our complete guide.

empty white room with light wooden flooring

As Evictions Loom, What’s Next for the Rental Market?

The pandemic has impacted every aspect of the housing market – including rentals. Discover how looming evictions could impact renters, landlords, and the market as a whole.

aerial view of Seattle floating homes

Homefinder’s Guide to Seattle Floating Homes

Seattle's floating homes are a unique and charming part of the city. Learn all about them in our complete guide.

white and granite kitchen

High Demand, Low Inventory: Navigating the New Seller’s Market

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in a seller's market. Find out why and discover what this means for home buyers and sellers as we enter 2021.

red house near trees

Starter Home or Forever Home: A Guide to Choosing Your First House

Are you ready to purchase your first home? Find out whether a starter home or forever home is right for you with this complete guide.

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