Boston, MA Rent To Own

Rent-to-Own Homes in Boston, MA: What You Need to Know 

Boston is a well-loved city. There are plenty of opportunities here, both professionally and socially. The culture here is in-your-face and distinct, with specific cuisine and dedication to sports teams. Boston is a stellar city with so much to offer. 

A Prosperous Job Market 

Boston lets its residents work in some of the most prosperous industries in the country. The top sectors here are healthcare, finance, insurance, real estate, and higher education. Fortune 500 companies like General Electric, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, State Street Corp., American Tower, Wayfair, LPL Financial Holdings, Iron Mountain, Cabot, and Boston Properties are headquartered right here in Boston. The average salary of a Boston resident is $77k. As of March 2020, the unemployment rate here is 2.4%, firmly below the national average.

A Vibrant Local Culture 

Boston is full of comfort-seafood and some of the best beer in the world. Boston clam chowder is unlike any other clam chowder you can get in any other city. This dish is served in nearly every restaurant in the city, however, Union Oyster House is known for its clam chowder and has been serving the dish since 1826. For a dessert after your meal, consider Boston cream pie, a city staple since 1856. Invented at the Omni Parker House Hotel, this cake is full of sugary goodness and a must-have when in Boston. 

Schools and Higher Education 

Boston is known for providing excellent education from kindergarten through university. There are 125 public k-12 schools in the city. The colleges here are world-renowned. Boston University, Emerson College, Northeastern University and Simmons University are just a few of the schools here. Colleges like Harvard and MIT are just outside Boston. 

The Local Sports Scene 

Boston has no shortage of top teams and die-hard fans. The Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, Revolutions, and Celtics all call Boston home. The city has a history of top tier teams and has subsequently created an entire culture around sports and the specific teams local to Boston. 

Know Your Neighborhoods 

Boston is a city full of great neighborhoods. Picking the right one will help shape your experience here for the better.

Brookline is a suburb outside of Boston and is considered one of the premier neighborhoods in all of Massachusetts. Home to roughly 59,000 residents, Brookline is an urban town with lots of young professionals. The public schools here are excellent and a draw for those interested in starting a family. The median home value is $885,700; the median rent is $2,194. The divide between renters and owners is even.

Back Bay is a young professional's dream. This densely populated urban town is home to 18,000 residents and full of bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. The median home value is $1,255,710. The median rent is $2,156 and the majority of residents rent their homes.

Home to 29,000 residents, Allston is another Massachusetts favorite. Popular among young professionals, this neighborhood offers an urban vibe and plenty of places to frequent. The median home value is $514,399. The median rent is $1,932 and nearly all residents rent their homes.