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HomeFinder makes it easy to find the home value on off market properties. Simply type in the address of the home you are searching. Each listing also includes a description of the property and other details such as property type and the number of days it has been on the site. You can also find information about the neighborhood, such as unemployment rate, population, and nearby schools. With millions of off market homes and more listings being added every day, HomeFinder is the top source for finding essential information about off market homes.
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FAQs About Home Value

How do online home-value estimators calculate home worth?

Using a home valuation algorithm, the recent sale prices of comparable homes are gathered from public records, including tax assessments and user-submitted data. Other factors like the home’s physical features, location, and market conditions are also taken into account. Recent sales and asking prices also affect home value.

What are the benefits of searching for off market listings?

According to Paul Esajian from Fortune Builders, finding information about off market properties such as home prices and home values can help boost your negotiating power. Searching for off market listings can also present unique opportunities. In some cases, off market listings are a result of unforeseen circumstances on behalf of the seller. This could range from financial problems or the owner wanting to make a quick exit from the property. If the situation is mutually beneficial for the buyer and the seller, off market homes can offer a range of attractive contract benefits.

How long does it take to buy an off market home?

In many cases with off market properties, sellers are not in a rush to get rid of their home. With extra time and no competition, a potential buyer can do their research before making an offer. It may require patience on the buyer's end, but you can generally expect a greater discount on the asking price if you wait for the right time to put in your bid.
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